Friday, April 12, 2013

Current Events at Aero Methow Rescue Service 

 We will all be very busy this spring!! Standby for a barrage of photos as events unfold!!

We are starting an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) class this month and are excited about the new format! I will keep you posted on its progress. Our plan is to have another EMR class in the fall (after hunting season and before Thanksgiving).

Events for the month of April are:

April 13th & 14th  Wilderness First Aid  - this class is offered once a year in the spring
April 16th              Hwy 20 scheduled to open -- be prepared for the increase in traffic!
April 15th              OTEP – Infectious Disease           
April 17th              Mock Crash at Liberty Bell High School 
April 22nd             ALS OTEP – End of Life – Palliative Care  
April 27th              Backcountry Horseman's Spring Ride  Methow Valley Backcountry  Horsemen- we provide standby at their annual ride.

I really like this graphic as it shows we all work together. No one person or one agency can achieve the objectives of their mission without the support of all. If it was my design I would add the community's hands. NOTHING is possible without support from the community, and we are blessed with a wonderful, caring and supportive community. It is a pleasure and honor to serve all of you. 

Ruth successfully met the objectives of her IV Endorsement Training. Tom was her lead instructor. We used a lot of band aids!! Ruth did a great job, and with her existing skills as a Laboratory Technician she will do well! 

Theresa meeting with members of the Safe Kids Coalition. Here she is with representatives from the Colville Tribe, Oroville Ambulance Service and Okanogan County Public Health.
Please visit the Safe Kids  and Washington State Traffic Safety websites for more information.

Great job wearing the required safety vests! 

Below are a collection of interesting scene and "mood" shots!

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