Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello! I am starting a blog about what we do here at Aero Methow Rescue Service. I will post a week's worth of photos and stories every Thursday!   
Highlights of the Week

Every morning the on call crew does a "rig check". Here are Vikki, Kurt and Theresa.

We meet twice a week for Rescue Fitness Training (RFT). On Monday Justin is reviewing proper lifting. We do lots of squats, dead lifts & pull ups!

We meet as a team every Monday morning to plan the week and keep everyone informed of any change in scheduling, equipment, meetings, training etc.

Kurt and Bill transported a patient to Mid Valley Hospital. They have cleaned the ambulance and are preparing to return to the valley.
 Every quarter all responders train in High Efficiency CPR with the feedback manikin, AED and multifunction Zoll, King Airway, Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI), Intraosseous Placement (IO), Infant and Child CPR and epi administration.
Here Justin is evaluating Vikki placing the King Airway. 


 Raleigh Bowden, MD with the Lookout Coalition explains what the Lookout Coalition does and how we can all work together to help those in need of their services. Thank you Raleigh for your vision and for working to fill a need in our community, You are great!!!

The volunteers perform their quarterly skill checks. We meet the 3rd Monday of every month for required training. Here Sara is being evaluated by Kurt Oakley. 

Josh being evaluated with the Public Access Defibrillator (PAD). Josh lives in Mazama and was on the team when a gentlemen suffered  a cardiac arrest at the Mazama Store. The patient was successfully resuscitated with PAD at the Mazama Store.

Tuesday starts with Yoga!
Theresa will not miss Tuesday morning Yoga, even when she is on call and has a sprained ankle (that is why she is wearing her boots!).

We communicate regularly with local law enforcement officers.

 Sara is being evaluated by Carolyn with Byron acting as the patient. Sara is a wildland firefighter and needed to make up some skills prior to leaving for the summer. We wish her a safe summer and hope to see her in the fall! Carolyn is a volunteer EMT, EMS Evaluator, American Heart Association CPR/First Aid Instructor and a school bus driver, real estate agent and rancher!


Ouch!! Patient dropped a desk on her toe. They stopped by on their way to the doctor to make sure the bleeding was under control.

Cindy, Theresa and Tom attending a Regional Training and Education Meeting via phone. Phone meetings save gas, mileage on the vehicles and allows the on call crew to attend meetings.

Ah!! The life of a Paramedic -- Tom doing a run report.

 Thursday morning workout.

 Theresa at SAIL (Stay Active and Independent for Life). SAIL is a twice a week injury prevention and exercise program for qualified seniors.

A war hero and he is my hero!! He is doing his squat exercise with assistance. Someone needs to monitor him or he will work too hard and too fast!
Theresa and Cindy presented Fall Prevention Information to the Senior Citizens Center - they are my favorite people!!! We work to educate them on injury prevention to keep them safe!

Freddie presented a check from the Senior Citizens to help support our mission. Thank you Freddie!

Justin's Last Day. His box is packed, so sad!! He is moving to St. Louis, MO where his wife will be attending Nursing School.


One last visit with Tom.
 His box is packed and he is ready to leave. We will miss him, his lovely wife Adri and their beautiful daughter.