Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here are the highlights of the week of March 8-15th. 

We have word that Justin and Adri and Oona have arrived safely in St. Louis. It is so hard to believe they are not here anymore.  They have become a part of our family. We will miss being part of Oona's life as she grows up.
Tom is instructing an IV Endorsement Class for Ruth, one our volunteers. Ruth is an EMT and also a Lab Technician, providing her with the additional training will allow her to use her skills on emergency calls. Part of the training involves starting IVs on a "real person". The instructor will always offer up his/her arm to evaluate proper technique.

On Saturday Vikki and Cindy taught an Advanced Cardiac Care Class (ACLS) to 10 students.
The class was composed of Nursing Students, Nurses, Paramedics, a PA Student, and a Nurse Practitioner. It was a great group of students!

There was lots of action, team work, intensity and fun!!
The Methow Valley is fortunate to have such talented, passionate health care providers.

Rick and Kurt washing Medic 866.

Cindy was the guest speaker at The Methow Valley Inn Supper Club .  The topic was medical care in the Methow Valley in the 1960-1970s and the start of Aero Methow Rescue Service.She read excerpts from "Pay You in Hay" a book Dr. Henry wrote about being a small town doctor. The book is available at Ulrich Pharmacy, Trails End Bookstore, the Shafer Museum Aero Methow Rescue Service. 

It was a friendly crowd!

 The ambulances are cleaned and disinfected after each run. In addition once a month we "deep clean" one of the ambulances.  This involves taking everything out of and cleaning and disinfecting all the nooks, crannies  and hidden spots and exterior waxing. 


Wax on - Wax off!

I missed a  a great photo on Wednesday. Glenda from Okanogan County Department of Emergency Services came for a meeting at Aero Methow Rescue to update the Methow Valley Emergency Plan. In attendance were representatives from the Washington State Patrol, Okanogan Fire District #6,  Twisp Police Department, the Winthrop Barn and Aero Methow,   We were all engaged in our project and I forgot to take photos. 

I hope you are getting an idea of what a week is like here at Aero Methow Rescue Service. I have not added pictures of the emergency responses and if I do they will be generic, non-descriptive photos to protect the privacy of the patients we care for. This week we responded to 2 Trauma Calls, 6 Medical and  1 transport to the  funeral  home. In future postings I will not continue to share photos of our routine duties! But I will keep you posted on all current events! 
I have allowed comments of which are moderated by me (Cindy). We will see how that works out. Meanwhile stay safe and be healthy!     Cindy