Thursday, March 28, 2013

Greetings Everyone!  We have had lots of activity in the past 2 weeks. I will post some photos of the highlights.

I think you are all understanding what a normal week is like. I will refresh your memory and in the future you can refer back to the archives to see what we do. Potential employees/volunteers will find a gold mine of information on our blog!!

A typical month looks like this:

  • Every day - Ambulance checks
  • Every Monday -- Team Meeting at 9:00
  • Every Monday and Thursday -- Stay Active and Independent for Life  (SAIL)SAIL Department of Health website and PDF of SAIL information
  • Every Thursday - Rescue Fitness Training
  • The first Monday of every month - High Angle Training
  • The first week of the month - detailed inventory of all ambulances
  • Once a month - detailed cleaning and waxing of one (or more) of the ambulances
  • Once a month - EMT Continuing Education (CME) also known as OTEP (Ongoing Training and Evaluation Program).
  • Once a month - Paramedic Continuing Education
  • As needed or requested - CPR/First Aid Classes or Skill Checks, Car seat installation,
  • Community Programs

Of course this is all interspersed with other meetings, training, presentations and emergency responses.
Here is our Activity Report for March
  • Medicare Webinar (Cindy and Becky)
  • 2 First Aid/CPR classes
  • 5 First Aid/CPR and Health Care Provider skill checks (participants did the class room part online)
  • 4 Car Seat Installations
  • Taught an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Class (ACLS)
  • Presented a program on the history of Aero Methow Rescue and the early days of medicine in the Methow Valley at the Methow Valley Inn Supper Club supper club website
  • Met with the Yakama Tribe representative about River Safety Program and River Safety Signage
  • Met with emergency planners and responders to update the Methow Valley Emergency Plan 
  • CME for all employees and responders, the topic was Altered Mental Status and Sick not Sick through EMS Online
  • Deep Clean Medic 866, 867 and 862 (SAR and ALS response rig)
  • Tom attended the Paramedic Lecture Series in Leavenworth
  • Becky and Cindy attended an Ambulance Billing Conference
  • Theresa assisted in the instruction for the Okanogan/North Douglas County EMS Evaluator Workshop in Pateros, administered by the North Central Emergency Medical Care Council
  • Vikki cross trains with the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office SWAT team and was called into action for the shooting in Okanogan
  • Vikki assisted in the organization and instruction of a 2 day biannual Search and Rescue Training in Brewster. This training meets the state requirements for Search and Rescue members.
  • ALS CME - Post Resuscitation Care, IV Pump Refresher and drip rate calculations
  • Head Start visits Aero Methow. “Getting to know us” presentation about who we are, what we do and the equipment we use.
  • Attended Twisp Chamber Meeting and Winthrop Barn Membership Meeting
  • We rented the Training Room to Fire Vision for Wildland Fire training and to the Town of Twisp for a retreat.
  • To date (3/28/13) we responded to 35 emergency calls in the Month of March.

Becky and Cindy attended an Ambulance Billing Conference (ABC3) to maintain, update and learn about new policies and procedures as mandated by the Federal Government and updated billing codes and billing process and much more.

Our friends, Lisa and Dan, at Aim (the billing software company we have used for 18 years). It is so good to meet with them in person as we communicate regularly via the phone and Internet!

Becky and I with the staff of Page, Wirth and Wolfberg. Steve is our primary consultant and valuable resource for legal advise pertaining to billing, personnel policy, HIPAA and best practices . Sorry the photo is blurry.

Tom at the Paramedic Lecture Series learning about the Glide Scope.

At the Lecture Series with Shaughn Maxwell presenting.

Shaughn Maxwell, Tom and Mike Moody.
All local boys!
Shaughn is now a MSO (Medical Service Officer) at Snohomish County Fire and Mike is a Paramedic at Leavenworth and organizer of the Lecture Series, he does a great job! Mike took his initial EMT class with us as a senior in high school..Shaughn started with our agency as a senior in High School in 1989-90. As part of a school program he worked with us for part of an afternoon several days a week. For being an 18 year old student he was my right hand man!

Byron and Kurt in deep thought over the week's assignments.

 Rick and Tom planning.

I was on my way to Wenatchee and of course had to stop at Sweet River Bakery  for a cup of Blue Star Coffee and ran into our friend Lee Canwell, PA. What a wonderful guy. It was so good to see him. He used to stay at our office when he worked at Methow Valley Family Practice as a Physician's Assistant.

Deep Clean day for Medic 867, the ambulance stationed in Mazama! Therefore named the Mazambulance!  

Secret Service Agent Oakley waxing the Mazambulance!

Thursday Morning Rescue Fitness Training 
Byron and Nina doing dead lifts using the backboard and sandbags.

Head Start visits Aero Methow. 
“Getting to know us” presentation about who we are, what we do and the equipment we use.

Theresa is showing the kids how we use the Pediatric Safe Transporter. 

One of the participants was not going to leave her patient until she had done a thorough exam. Here she is checking the blood pressure. 

One of our car seat manikins is demonstrating  the use of a non-rebreather mask. 

Ruth is showing the kids the teddy bear we give a sick or injured child. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here are the highlights of the week of March 8-15th. 

We have word that Justin and Adri and Oona have arrived safely in St. Louis. It is so hard to believe they are not here anymore.  They have become a part of our family. We will miss being part of Oona's life as she grows up.
Tom is instructing an IV Endorsement Class for Ruth, one our volunteers. Ruth is an EMT and also a Lab Technician, providing her with the additional training will allow her to use her skills on emergency calls. Part of the training involves starting IVs on a "real person". The instructor will always offer up his/her arm to evaluate proper technique.

On Saturday Vikki and Cindy taught an Advanced Cardiac Care Class (ACLS) to 10 students.
The class was composed of Nursing Students, Nurses, Paramedics, a PA Student, and a Nurse Practitioner. It was a great group of students!

There was lots of action, team work, intensity and fun!!
The Methow Valley is fortunate to have such talented, passionate health care providers.

Rick and Kurt washing Medic 866.

Cindy was the guest speaker at The Methow Valley Inn Supper Club .  The topic was medical care in the Methow Valley in the 1960-1970s and the start of Aero Methow Rescue Service.She read excerpts from "Pay You in Hay" a book Dr. Henry wrote about being a small town doctor. The book is available at Ulrich Pharmacy, Trails End Bookstore, the Shafer Museum Aero Methow Rescue Service. 

It was a friendly crowd!

 The ambulances are cleaned and disinfected after each run. In addition once a month we "deep clean" one of the ambulances.  This involves taking everything out of and cleaning and disinfecting all the nooks, crannies  and hidden spots and exterior waxing. 


Wax on - Wax off!

I missed a  a great photo on Wednesday. Glenda from Okanogan County Department of Emergency Services came for a meeting at Aero Methow Rescue to update the Methow Valley Emergency Plan. In attendance were representatives from the Washington State Patrol, Okanogan Fire District #6,  Twisp Police Department, the Winthrop Barn and Aero Methow,   We were all engaged in our project and I forgot to take photos. 

I hope you are getting an idea of what a week is like here at Aero Methow Rescue Service. I have not added pictures of the emergency responses and if I do they will be generic, non-descriptive photos to protect the privacy of the patients we care for. This week we responded to 2 Trauma Calls, 6 Medical and  1 transport to the  funeral  home. In future postings I will not continue to share photos of our routine duties! But I will keep you posted on all current events! 
I have allowed comments of which are moderated by me (Cindy). We will see how that works out. Meanwhile stay safe and be healthy!     Cindy 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The week of February 28th to March 7th at Aero Methow Rescue.
I am selecting a few interesting highlights to show you what life is like at Aero Methow.

Thursday night we had a staff goodbye dinner for Justin, Adri and Oona.
See the letter Justin wrote the community under "My Turn" in the Methow Valley News (it is at the bottom of the page) . We will miss Justin, Adri and Oona, they are part of our family and have added so much to what we do. Thank you for all you have done for our service and the community!! We love you!!

As soon as dinner was finished Justin and crew responded on an emergency call.

Off they go!

One of my goals this year was to get Vikki out on the ski trails and to do the 200K challenge from MVSTA We try to get out one day a week that we aren't working. Friday we skied Thompson Ridge & Meadow Lark at Sun Mt. The snow is going fast!

Sunday March 3rd was Rick's first day at work. Here Byron is mentoring him through the Sunday rig inspections. Welcome Rick!

First Fleet/Building Team Meeting with Kurt, Rick and Byron.

Rearranging the crew office for Rick.

Monday starts off  with Rig Checks, Rescue Fitness and Monday Team Meeting. I will not bore you with more pictures of our routine duties.

Kurt teaches First Aid/CPR for most of the day.

 Cindy and Vikki work on an ACLS Class they are teaching on Saturday.

We do daily checks on the ambulances and then detailed monthly inventory check. The ambulance at the far end is usually stationed in Winthrop. It came down for the day to be inventoried.

Rick and Vikki counting and documenting -- a place for everything and everything in it's place!

Kurt and Rick changing a light bulb!  Always something to do!

The first Monday of every month the High Angle Rescue Team meets for training. Here Mark has packaged Kurt in the litter.

One of our new volunteers. CB, is studying to take the National Registry Exam. Tom stopped in to see how was doing.

Cindy and Becky listen to a Webinar on What's New In Medicare - 2013.

Employees and volunteers are encouraged to work out to prevent injuries. Notice the backboard in the background. We load it with sandbags to simulate a patient and perform dead lifts with a partner.

Vikki is meeting with Sandra Rasmussen with Edward Jones. Sandra is the Financial Advisor for our Retirement Accounts .

Ann Henry (Mom) brings us cookies each Thursday.

 Kurt teaching a First Aid/CPR Class to the Town of Twisp employees.

Vicki is prepared for a day of training!

Chief  Budrow has it all under control! He is clearing the scene so he can use the AED on the manikin.

Vikki and deputies planning Search and Rescue Training.